how to plan your wedding

Planning the different aspects of a wedding can be fun and stressful at the same time. Brides and grooms want their special day to be perfect, and to reflect the unique personalities of the union. Many experts suggest taking a step back and thinking about what is desired by the couple getting married, as opposed to what is desired by parents, friends, and sometimes society. From picking the tux, to deciding on the reception music, the choices should be for the two people tying the knot.

wedding photo in mexicoWhen deciding on the clothing worn by brides and grooms, the personal style of both people should be considered, along with the theme colors of the wedding. Try to schedule dress shopping appointments earlier in the day; the customer service will be better since the staff is fresh and not worn down from their day. Consider bringing a camera or hiring
wedding photographer Merida to remember the choices later. The choices will also be better, and dresses will not be picked over throughout the day.

Pick a dress that fits your body type in a flattering way, not because Kim Kardashian wore a similar fashion. One bride wore a dress so tight that when she proceeded down the aisle she tripped down in front of everyone. This can be avoided by allowing for realistic fitting expectations. Colors of a bride’s dress go from traditional to flamboyant. If white is what you want that’s fine, but don’t be afraid to choose blue, red, or black if you desire it. It’s the bride’s day and her happiness with her dress matters.

Men are not as picky as women when it comes to selecting a wedding photographer merida.

Normally the traditional black tux will work, but modern men are opting for blues, grays, and khaki colored tuxedos. Many times, the color will depend on the color theme of the wedding, and sometimes the color is simply the favorite color of the groom. Many stores will offer a free tuxedo with the purchase of five groomsmen tuxedos from the same store. Men are also opting for the economically feasible solution of renting the tuxedo. Recently, the online tuxedo rentals are available. Time is of the essence in this case, to allow for the trying on of the tuxedo and sending back for measurement tailoring.