Choosing menu, music, and table arrangements can cause chaos, but it does not have to. Save money by creating a playlist of your favorite songs; you can save money by not hiring a live band or DJ. Lovely centerpieces can be rented, and make sure the centerpiece does not create discomfort of guest conversation because they can’t see each other. When deciding whether to use intimate, family seating, consider if those guests are comfortable with each other. Using round or square separate tables allow for precise table assignments and promotes diverse conversation around the table. Otherwise, the guest is primarily going to speak to who is sitting closest and across.

Lobster and steak is lavish and elegant, but unless enough can be afforded to satisfy the famished guests, don’t chose that menu. Serve food options for those who are allergic to seafood, gluten, or milk, and make sure there is enough without running out. Nothing is worse than running out of food during the reception before everyone is served, and everyone will talk about it afterwards. Selecting a menu that is within an affordable price point is key, and consider cuts to the guest list if necessary.

The choice of photographer is a critical one. An experienced photographer is important, because there are countless stories about blurry shots, poor lighting, and whole sets of wedding pictures being deleted forever. If a destination wedding is what you are planning, that goes detail goes in the choice of photographer. A weddings photographer Mexico bound with the wedding party needs to state any additional travel expense fees that he or she demands. Take time to plan the wedding that makes the bride and the groom happy, it’s your wedding day and your money! Besides, you don’t plan to do this a second time, or do you?