Location, location, location! Just because a specific location is either trendy or cheap, it does not mean it is the best choice. Pure horror stories have come from the bride and groom trying to save a dollar. Weather, capacity, and travel time from the ceremony are key considerations. If it is the rainy season in your area, consider sparing your guest’s frizzy hair and ruined make-up and marrying indoors.

Sometimes the outdoor effect can be achieved by a professional wedding photographer mexico who can assist in finding a venue with large glass windows, allowing the outdoors to be enjoyed while comfortably inside. Capacity is important, and inviting 300 people to a reception venue that holds only 250 comfortably can cause unhappy wedding guests and a fire hazard. Make sure air conditioning and lighting is working properly, otherwise a sweltering, dimly-lit dinner will be followed by zero dancing and guests running home earlier than expected.

Consider all guests that attend your wedding, not just the young ones. Grandma and her sister Sally can’t get around like they used to. Don’t choose a location that only has stairs as an entrance. Entrance ramps allow for not only wheelchair accessibility, but also the ease of walking for everyone, even the young people in long hems. Also, try to select a location that is not a far driving distance from the ceremony. If an ideal ceremony and reception venue are 10 miles apart, make a second choice of either location. The longer the travel time, the more likely guests will be too tired to party, or skip the reception altogether.